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Wellness Products

Aureate Wellness division has products for the treatment of Oral mucositis, oral care in cancer patients, nutritional requirements of cancer patients and management of side effects of cancer treatment.

Products include:

Lycogem (Lycopene 4000mcg), Lycogem Forte, Xerom (Gargle salt/ oral rinse for oral mucositis), Gingecap (Ginger capsules of Gingeber officinale 500 mg), Hafoos (for Hand & Foots Syndrome containing12% Urea & 6% Lactic acid), Suplimed (high protein nutrition powder), Aureadex (Dexamethasone 4 & 8 mg tablets), Mucobenz, Cloral (Clotrimazole 10 mg lozenges for oral mucositits), Constop (Lactulose solution), Anamit (Anastrozole 1 mg Tablets)

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