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South Delhi Pharma, New Delhi. India

Facilities Offered

We are here to serve you through the quality pharmaceutical products as per your needs. Established in the year 1996,we have earned a global reputation in the market owing to superior quality medicines.

Cold Chain Management

South Delhi Pharma hosts one of the most advanced and best in class infrastructure facilities with superior Cold Chain Management. As many of the Lifesaving drugs are temperature sensitive, we take a keen note of the seriousness of any possible temperature fluctuation. The walk-in cold room facility ensuring 2-8 degrees maintained for products with such specification. We ensure the same temperature is maintained during the transit with essential tracking and log reports. Deep freezer ensures -25 to -40 degree temperature being maintained with standard cold chain protocols.


Operational Unkeep

Operations and marketing support to the pharmaceutical companies is one of our major strengths, keeping us in the spotlight. We boast of very well organized operational model that keeps all our clients at comfort. We have designed proactive systems and processes to support any standard operational procedure of our clients with diversified business models and priorities. Tracking the product information or the patient database for any technical reason is simply possible with the kind of operational practices we have introduced accounting to the best operational upkeep in the market.


IT Infrastructure

South Delhi Pharma once again is best known for integrating best in class IT Infrastructure solutions to the distributional operations. Besides computerizing all our offices, we have created online facility for our clients to track business progress and notify any concerns when needed. We showcase our uniqueness through every functionality including billing, tracking and reporting optimizing our IT Infrastructure facility.

Generic Substitute Onco Drugs

Indian pharmaceutical firms, manufacture and sell US FDA approved generic drugs.

US FDA Approved Onco Drugs

SDP can help to access these new treatment options in India under Named Patient Supply.

Medical Supplies & Equipments

Order quality medical suppliesmedical equipment, and health care products. online at low prices in India. 

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Get in touch with us at South Delhi Pharma (SDP), and one of our team will be on hand to help with any queries you may have.

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